(Credit: Thomas Strogalski)

‘Nature Takes Over’: Abandoned cars swallowed by Hawaii’s jungles

While on assignment during a visit to the island of Maui in Hawaii, photographer Thomas Strogalski created a collection of images that display the powerful force that nature can impose over human intrusion with his own personal project entitled ‘Nature Takes Over’.

Strogalski, who found himself wandering the immense jungle in Maui, encountered the crippling remains of trucks, cars and campers that remained the only signs of human invasion. The images display the power of nature and the man-made creations that have succumbed to the vegetation that has slowly devoured these rusting relics that display signs of human existence. The project shows nature reclaiming the vehicles and asks the question as to who is the real superior life force on this planet.

The images display a lush green, verdant jungle that seems vibrant with life. The vehicles, in stark contrast, seem small and futile constrained by the vines and overgrowth of the jungle. The unnatural colours of the vehicles have slowly decayed and, in turn, appear to almost revert back to their natural states with the burnt oranges and browns of the rust encapsulated in the green moss that fills the empty spaces of the dumped vehicles.

“During my 5-week stay, I discovered striking irregularities within the lush, fascinating nature,” Strogalski said in an interview with Colossal. “With peace, lasting continuity, flexibility in harmony with permanent adaptation, nature seems to reclaim what one wants to take away from it.”

With the remains barely visible, the faint parts of a machine that can be seen show the beauty and reverence of nature. “I am fascinated by the thought that in the end nature will take over man,” Strogalski concluded.

See the series, below.

(Credit: Thomas Strogalski)

All images provided to Far Out Magazine photographer Thomas Strogalski. See more of his work, here.

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