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Haunted Mansions blend genres with ‘Sunshine Crawlers’

The duo comprised of the rather big Thomas Gregussen and the much smaller Vegard Sando, Haunted Mansions are making their own genre. Fusing together a trip hop back beat with a psychedelic indie pop might seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be, as proven on their new release ‘Sunshine Crawlers’.

There’s some catchy hooks, a slowed down surf guitar and a general haze across what is essentially a hip hop beat, it makes for intriguing but more importantly, imperative, listening. It is this intricacy which makes Haunted Mansions feel a little bit special.

Likely that a “sunshine crawler” is someone who might actually enjoy the day, Haunted Mansions seemingly reflect the night in everything they do. Whether it be the lackadaisical vocal, the lurching rhythm or undertone of the underbelly of life, they have the night in their veins.