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Hater releases the slick ‘Cry Later’


An instant hit, were the first words to enter my head when upon hearing the first chords of Hater’s newest release ‘Cry Later’. Released on one of most favourite labels Everest; PNKSLM the track has all the makings of an indie pop gem.

The track shudders in to life with chunky chords and a thudding rhythm and feels as lovelorn and emotionally pinned as Caroline Landahl’s vocal performance allows you. The song very much hinges on her delivery, a sweet and soothing herbal tea sound amid a rock and roll back drop.

It’s a slice of the indie-pop genre which we would gladly have seconds of. It is slick and smooth whilst still feeling fuzzy and brimming with unadjusted emotion. Hater have to be the best thing about Sweden right now. That and their PM’s Twitter account.

‘Cry Later’ is the third single from the upcoming LP You Tried and is out on PNKSLM Recordings on March 10th.