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Has Matt Helders just revealed Arctic Monkeys album release date?

We’ve all been long awaiting the sixth record from Arctic Monkeys. With the only official confirmation from the band being “2018”, with bassist Nick O’Malley suggesting if that didn’t happen then the band were have “got problems”. But a fan encounter has perhaps shed some more light on the date.

One fan met drummer Matt Helders recently where he asked the question on everybody’s lips… “When’s the album out!?” to which Helders apparently answered in May of 2018. It would seem likely to be sooner rather than later.

Another encounter this time with frontman Alex Turner, sporting a truly ungodly beard that both makes him look 12 and ancient at the same time, had revealed that the new single was out “soon”. Add to this their mammoth list of shows, which continues to grow, it would seem a new album is out sooner rather than later.

Exciting times!