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Harrison Ford names his favourite album of all time

Harrison Ford is one of the most respected actors of his generation, responsible for mesmerising multiple generations of film fans through iconic roles in productions like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. While Ford’s legacy is already formidable, he has continued to work on projects such as The Call of the Wild in recent years.

While Ford has now established himself as one of the biggest names in the history of Hollywood, there was one point in his career when he almost gave up acting for music. During the 1960s, Ford was a roadie for The Doors and even worked as a second cameraman on a concert film titled Feast of Friend for the iconic band.

During that period in his life, Ford had experience working with music icons such as Brian Wilson and The Eagles and their music definitely had a huge impact on his journey as an artist and his creative sensibilities. However, Ford’s favourite album of all time does not belong to any of the aforementioned legends.

When asked about his music preferences, the actor once revealed that the work he would select as his top pick was actually the 1999 album On the Edge by French guitarist Patrick Rondat. In an interview, Rondat himself was confronted by a journalist about Ford’s love for On the Edge but the musician maintained his scepticism about the trivia.

He said: “Well, of course I tried to find out! I’ve never put bullshit like that [online], and I’ve never found anyone who did. As I couldn’t see who would have wanted to do this, I contacted people I know – who are big fans of me – to try to find out if they hadn’t done this to try to help me, a little naively… Finally, I found no one who would have done that.”

At first, Rondat thought that the references to Ford’s favourite album on various websites was a rumour that was started by someone he knew since he could not find an actual source. However, Ford’s preference has been recorded by multiple publications and it has also been included on his IMDb page as well.

Rondat’s has often mentioned the imposing influence of cinema on his music which might explain Ford’s obsession with him. The musician even named some of his favourite composers: “Danny Elfman  I love it. There are so many… Herrmann too, who did the music for Hitchcock. I love Hitchcock, we haven’t talked about that but La Mort aux Trousse, for me it’s another masterpiece in another field. Both for the soundtrack and the film itself, I love it. John Williams, of course…”

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