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(Credit: Sam Hayes / Press)


Harmony Korine to release new artwork with Gagosian gallery


Filmmaker Harmony Korine may be better known for his contributions to cinema, releasing such cult classics as Kids and Gummo in the 1990s, as well as modern vibrant greats Spring Breakers and The Beach Bum, but he is also a proficient painter, making a considerable name for himself in the field. 

As part of the ongoing Gagosian Artist Spotlight, an online series that focuses on the work and influence of an individual artist, the gallery will be unveiling a recent painting by Harmony Korine with the art in question being revealed on Friday, March 18th at 6am ET. Available for sale exclusively online for 48 hours, you might want to dig deep in your pockets to get your hands on the exclusive piece. 

Describing the work of the painter and filmmaker, the press release for the forthcoming online event states, “Rooted in modern American grotesquerie, Korine’s paintings, drawings, assemblages, and films have proven influential and divisive in equal measure”.

Explaining the idiosyncratic artistic style of the Korine, the event further explains that he applies “the term “mistakism” to his combination of wayward aesthetics and non sequitur wit, the Miami-based artist and filmmaker fuses backwoods surrealism with narcotic abstraction to conjure a perverse, disorienting vision”. 

Incorporating various different materials into his paintings, Korine uses “leftover house paint and old videotapes,” to reflect abstract memories and emotions that encourage a hypnotic physiological response. 

Harmony Korine’s brand new piece will feature “acrylic, oil stick, and house paint on canvas,” and will reflect his interest in popular culture and bad taste, much like his films Gummo, Trash Humpers and Julien Donkey-Boy have done in the past.

The sale of this brand new painting will come after a conversation between Korine and the Hungarian artist Rita Ackermann on March 16 that will debut in Gagosian Quarterly.