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Credit: Man Alive

Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder once lost his job as a postman for biting a dog

In the lead for taking the title of ‘the most ridiculous story that shouldn’t be true but you know full well is true’ award is the latest piece of gold form Happy Mondays lead singer Shaun Ryder who revealed that when he was a postman he once bit a dog for trying to bite him.

Ryder was part of the Royal Mail after joining at the young age of 19 and revealed the story in a recent interview with The Sun. Talking about the canine incident he said: “Only fair. I did to the dog what it was trying to do to me”.

Ryder goes on to explain the origins of the occurrence and lets us into a ‘possible’ reason for this somewhat peculiar behaviours. Yes, you guessed it; drugs. “I had dropped a tab of acid probably to relieve the boredom then on the round as I was stepping up to be promoted to a postman, this terrier dog at a pub I delivered to, tried to attack me,” he said.

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“So I thought I am not having this, I grabbed it, bit it on its head threw it down and gave a kick up the bum,” he continued on. “As it went, another postman who was passing in his van saw what happened and reported me. That was it. I was suspended but I had already started the band so I wasn’t too bothered.”

Ryder added: “I left school at 15 and got a job as a postboy messenger, only really got the job because me grandad used to drink in the same working men’s club as the postmaster. I nearly didn’t get that because I was up in Juvenile court on a taking and driving away charge.”

It is precisely this kind of candid talk and hijinx that has endeared Ryder to so many fans. First, as the leader of the Madchester group the Happy Mondays and then as a rock and roll personality.

These are the stories that we’re hoping to see in the recently announced biopic ‘Twistin’ My Melon’. The production is set to commence oin January next year and will see Jack O’Connell take on the role of Ryder. The film is an adaptation of Ryder’s 2011 autobiography of the same name.

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