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When someone is called Hanni El Khatib and has parents of both Palestinian and Filippino descent, you’d expect him to make music like one of those drum banging, printed-trouser wearing, wanky, gap yah students. But he doesn’t. He makes fight music.

Describing his lyrics as ‘written for anyone who’s ever been shot or hit by a train’, he’s been quietly filling venues around the world and building up a loyal cult following for the past couple of years. He’s also knocked out the occasional advertising soundtrack but don’t blame him for that – how else do you expect the guy to afford all that hair wax?

Today’s Track of the day sees Hanni step away from the fuzzy microphone and explore his lighter, less rock and roll, more upbeat side. The fourth track on his second album, Penny is a sugary sweet love song that was recorded in one take after he decided to turn a bass line he’d play when he was bored into something more.

Produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, It opens with that stomping bass line and quickly melts into an infectious, happy-go-lucky number that will definitely get you dancing, no matter how cool you are or how many people you’ve stabbed.

“You’re my perfect, my perfect, my perfect

My perfect little penny”

This simple but incredibly sticky chorus that is so far away from the thrusting, lo-fi rock and roll of his first album, Will the guns come out, is what welds this to your brain. Trust me, it sounds much better than it reads.

The video for Penny shows ‘badass’ guys in orange jumpsuits singing the lyrics as they go about their day in jail, adding an extra layer of wit to an already charming song. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Jason Scott