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(Credit: Mary McCartney)


A rare handwritten Paul McCartney letter is going up for auction


A handwritten letter from Sir Paul McCartney is going up for auction. The scroll, sent in 1989, discusses the blanket ‘debt’ McCartney owed a farmhouse from all the way back in 1959.

The letter was addressed to Irene Brierley, who ran the farmhouse in North Wales where McCartney and Beatles bandmate George Harrison stayed on two occasions in ’58 and ’59 as holidaymakers.

The letter is being put up for auction via Tracks by Irene’s son John. Speaking with Track, he recalled how he had played snooker with the two aspiring musicians and they had sat and listened to Elvis together too.

It goes one step further as John also remembered McCartney trying to learn the chords to Buddy Holly’s hit ‘Think It Over’ on the house piano. John Brierly was also a budding musician himself and couldn’t resist asking the two rockers if they wanted to sit in with The Vikings, his local skiffle group.

McCartney and Harrison had such a good time that they returned a year later in 1959 to spend some more time at the farmhouse and with the family. However, they also made off with one of the blankets. Years later, Irene Brierly wrote to the Beatle to remind him of the blanket ‘debt’ owed, to which McCartney dutifully replied.

The letter read: “Dear Mrs Brierley (Irene), Your letter reached me, eventually, and I was sorry to hear about my ‘debt’!

“I remember well the time we had in Harlech, and hope the enclosed cheque will settle our money differences! Excuse the scrawl as I’m trying to write this on a bouncing express train!!

“I was very sorry to hear about your hubby – he was a very nice man. Please give my best to your boys. Kindest Regards, Paul McCartney.”

Tracks expects the handwritten letter to fetch up to £3,000 at auction.