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(Credit: The Moonlandingz)


Hallelujah! The Moonlandingz return with ‘The Strangle of Anna’

With all the unbelievable shite that has happened since we were last entertained by The Moonlandingz, it’s no wonder we resolutely welcome back to the fold. The band destined to death march their way to the gallows have returned with a brilliant new song featuring Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club, ‘The Strangle of Anna’.

The track is a bit of a difference to their otherwise rambunctious and fearful sound. This track sounds more like a fantastical pop duet in the guise of a heroin addled punk poem. Adrian Flanagan said of the song “We wrote the song from the viewpoint of the girlfriend of some cliched, self-absorbed, pound-shop indie Lou Reed wannabe, who plays in some velvets/ Mary chain-esque shoddy local band..You know the type , sociopathic skinny boys in leather jackets and winkle pickers, with cry baby, light weight, borderline drug problem – and with egos that far outweighs their talent for playing the chords, C, F and G through a fuzz guitar pedal, drenched in reverb. I think every woman has a tale about being with such Grade A Black Clouds!!”

The song has been ripped form the upcoming LP Interplanetary Class Classics and features guest spots from Yoko Ono and Randy Jones (apparently the cowboy from The Village People). With a huge tour on the way The Moonlandingz also put out a call to all female artists.

“I’m just sick of turning up at venues and only seeing a bunch of twanging male brats bounding around a stage like Timmy bloody Mallet with a stratocaster, followed by another bunch of slightly moodier male brats…It’s almost like promoters only see women as worshipping ‘boys in bands’ and no one wants to actually hear or see women on the stage, which from my point of view is disgusting and vile and is why I wanted to re-address that dynamic as soon I was in the position of giving anyone a little break, or a bit of work.”

“So as well as GOAT GIRL (playing all dates), we will be letting other girl groups or female fronted artists, local to the city we play, open the show for us!! Since I made my original post about it, It has been funny. We’ve been getting a bunch of male indie bands complaining how it’s “not fair” that we are only giving support slots to women in bands, but I guess it’s a swift & bitter lesson in what it has been like, being a woman in music over the past 50 years. It’s simple, If there ain’t a woman in your band mate, not only are you losing out, but you ain’t coming in!”! says Adrian Moonlandingz.

Great song.

Tour upcoming.

Ethics to befit a demonic saint.

It’s all here really.




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