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(Credit: Haim)


Haim say Joni Mitchell's "views of rhythm have always been in our blood”


Everyone’s love affair with music begins somewhere and it would seem that for Haim, the eureka moment came along with Joni Mitchell’s 1974 live album Miles of Aisles.

Danielle Haim, speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine on Thursday, described the record as the catalyst behind the sisters taking up music. “There’s a little bit of everything,” she said, “Songs from all [of Mitchell’s] albums up until then, and she’s playing them with the L.A. Express, which was this amazing jazz band.”

The album was Mitchell’s first live record which eventually reached number two in the US charts and presented a new sound to audiences. It is a sound that seems to have had an indelible impact on how the indie-pop Haim sisters approach music. It is a comparison that has been frequently deployed since Haim emerged onto the music scene with their 2013 debut Days Are Gone and now the band have confirmed its validity.

Este, furthered this point by adding, “[Mitchell] was getting more into jazz in the seventies, so the record is a reimagining of a lot of her early work through this jazz lens.”

Alana also added, “Every year her songs take on new meanings […] I think that’s the beauty of Joni,” she said, “discovering new things in her music.”

Alana went on to single out a classic from Mitchell’s iconic 1971 album Blue to illustrate her point: “I could listen to a song like ‘A Case of You’ when I was in my early twenties, and that song has taken on a whole new meaning now that I’m almost 30.”

“Her views of rhythm have always been in our blood,” added Danielle. “That’s something about her songwriting that I love, because it’s so percussive and rhythmic.”

These comments on songwriting come only a few days after the band released a new expanded edition of their third record Women In Music Pt. III last Friday. The latest deluxe release features collaborations with Taylor Swift and Thundercat on their songs ‘Gasoline’ and ‘3am’ respectively.

You can check out the Taylor Swift team-up on ‘Gasoline’, below.