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(Credit: Haim)


Watch Haim take on Robyn's 'Show Me Love' for BBC Radio 1


Haim took to BBC Radio’s 1 ‘Chillest Show’ to produce two spellbinding performances. Playing their own ‘Hallelujah’ they also delivered a gorgeous cover of Robyn’s ‘Show Me Love’.

One of the finest Scandinavian art-pop artists ever, Robyn’s career goes way beyond her meteoric rise to fame in the ’00s. The singer was also a huge pop star in Sweden back in the ’90s with her single ‘Show Me Love’ announcing the star on the international stage.

This is the track that Haim pick up for Phil Taggart’s ‘Chillest Show’. Accompanied on piano, Este Haim takes on lead vocals for the dancefloor hit from 1997. The song may well have been on some of the band’s adolescent mixtapes but it didn’t sound anything like this.

The band transform the track into a sumptuous and touching piano song, effortlessly emboldened by the sisters’ impeccable harmonies, it transcends the dancefloor but still thuds through your heart.

The group also performed their most recent release ‘Hallelujah’ as a stripped back piano-led affair, which added to Haim’s growing prowess as singers. The band are at the height of their musical powers.

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Watch the footage below as Haim performs a cover of Robyn’s ‘Show Me Love’ and their own ‘Hallelujah’.