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(Credit: HAIM)


Haim experiment on new track 'Feel The Thunder'

Haim - 'Feel The Thunder'

Haim has taken a somewhat rogue move with their new track ‘Feel The Thunder’, an effort which sees them go full hair-metal and show a completely different side to the band dynamic.

The new single is a fun, frivolous effort which sees Haim not take themselves too seriously and although, the song is far from their best work, it’s entertaining nonetheless. ‘Feel The Thunder’ was written by the group with producer Ariel Rechtshaid and is set to feature on the soundtrack for the upcoming animated family film, The Croods: A New Age.

Rechtshaid was the perfect choice according to Danielle Haim who told Rolling Stone that he is “obsessed” with Guns ‘N’ Roses — which is who they attempt to channel on the track. “I figured that that’s what we were looking for,” Danielle said. “We were like, ‘Let’s get Ariel.’ But I’d never tried to make music like that before, so it was fully like a crazy experiment.”

“We literally set up a small sound system in the recording studio,” Este Haim says. “We mic’d all the drums and had it pumping through a small speaker system, which we’d never done before. But I guess that’s how all those records got made.”

Introducing children to rock through ‘Feel The Thunder’ is the aim for Haim with Danielle adding, “We grew up listening to rock music, pop, a healthy smattering of a ton of different kinds of music,” she says. “I don’t know how often you really hear rock music in a kid’s film anymore, or rock music in general anymore.”

One wouldn’t expect to see Haim follow this glam rock sound for their next record but despite ‘Feel The Thunder’ not being their finest hour, the Haim sisters ability to find a delicious hook is genre proof and is an inane anthem.