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(Credit: Reto Schmid)


Haim have started work on 100 new songs during the coronavirus pandemic


While some people have taken the opportunity to shy away from media attention during the coronavirus pandemic, to take some well-earned rest, the sisters Haim have gone into overdrive to become more creatively prolific than ever before.

Having released their third studio album, Women in Music Pt. III earlier this year, the band have been popping up in socially distanced live streams across the globe as a replacement for the lack of touring opportunities. While the band have been busier than most, they have now revealed a massive backlog of material that is currently in the works.

The group, speaking during a recent edition of the BBC radio show Music Life, explained that the prolonged period of self-isolation has amassed in around 100 new songs. Joining podcast host and Tune-Yards‘ very own Merrill Garbus, the band were discussing the creation of new music under the current circumstances.

“I feel like I write songs all day,” Este Haim explained. “Including the songs I make up in my kitchen, then I have over 100,” she added before explaining that a large portion of the new songs remain in an incomplete state.

She added: “I found it a little difficult to be creative in this time […] there’s starts of songs, but I find it hard to finish them at this time.”

Like most, the current health crisis has offered the band a chance to partake in a period of self-reflection, a time to look deeper at the way they function as a group. “We collectively all realised that we were individually running away from different things and they’d finally caught up to us,” Este said when discussing the band’s most recent album.

Este concluded: “It was our personal experience and how we were dealing with chronic illness, the death of a friend, or just kind of being on the road in general and feeling like you may or may not have a place in your friend group any more.”

The Haim episode of Music Life is due to be broadcast on the BBC World Service on Saturday, November 28 and you can find the episode, here.