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Habitats - Diamond Days

With the steamy storm laden sky continually threatening to turn our fair Isle in to a tropical paradise we thought it best to match the cruel intentions of weather lords and reply to them with our own tropical threat Habitats and their track ‘Diamond Days’ as our Unsigned Sunday selection.

‘Diamond Days’ is equal parts tight bouncing rhythm and layered guitars with the added bonus of some amazing vocals. The disco beat which flows with the drums like the amazon river through the thick foliage of the tight bouncing riffs makes for the perfect feet-shuffling sound added to the high hitting vocals and you have a delicious slice of indie-pop.

The tune is undoubtedly catchy and makes a play to label the band as a pop nuance, but their clear direction and enjoyment in pursuing it would put testament to the seriousness of their musicianship. They ring through all the different aspects of their sound with a confidence that is almost unsettling, that is, until you see them live and the sheer elation with which they perform.

‘Diamond Days’ is the perfect piece of pop to make Sunday feel like the start of the something rather than the end of everything. It has all the joyous highs and the gleaming lows that one would want with it Habitats fire on all cylinders and create an atmosphere of pleasure all on their own.

Habitats will be playing across the country in the coming months so check out the links below to have an enjoyable night and a guaranteed dancing competition.



Jack Whatley