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Habibi is what happens when you take four girls with completely different backgrounds, shove them in a room and give them instruments. With a strange variety of influences including Persian culture, Motown and Grunge, you’d expect them to sound like a group of gap-year students who ‘find themselves’ when they go on holiday for two weeks to build toilets for refugees. But they don’t.

Brilliantly labelled as Neo-classic, post-punk, girl group psych by some dude on Youtube, the band’s stripped back surf riffs, intelligent approach and punk attitude are a big fat middle finger to the over-produced bullshit in the charts at the moment. Their first physical release on Born bad records and Today’s track of the day, Let me in, is an unapologetic introduction to their unique sound.

It starts off with a thundering bass line before being lashed with the most memorable guitar work you’ve heard this year. Lead singer, Rahil Jamalifard, oozes confidence as she chants over the pounding garage drums like a modern day shaman on an acid trip. The track is incredibly simple in its make-up, which is far from a criticism. There’s nothing harder than making something simple.

The band claims that their lyrics reference a Habibi heroine, “a defiant, independent nomadic woman who goes to the beat of her own drum”. If this is the beat of her drum then I can’t wait to see what else she can play.

Jason Scott