Sophie Caby

H. Hawkline shares breezy new track ‘Engineers’

Huw Evans (AKA H. Hawkline) has released his latest preview of the upcoming new LP I Romanticize (out on Heavenly Records on 2nd June) which follows ‘My Mine’ and ‘Last Thing On Your Mind’. Now, we have the brilliant psych-tinged jangle of ‘Engineers’.

The charming vocals and feather like guitar work of ‘Engineers’ leaves us in a very sunny disposition. Its psych hue lends itself perfectly to this otherwise indie-pop effort, it doesn’t feel niche or unattainable, it feels like a jangly BBQ charmer, or a pouting party starter. It’s all hips and lips.

Hawkline said of the track “Cyndi Lauper was playing on the radio, everything was in our out, I heard a journalist read a Martina Navratilova quote as the song ended: ‘The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.’ I wrote it all down in a pad, we’re all chickens, the pigs are having at it and everyone’s fallen out of love.”

Fire up the grill, this one has got us going.

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