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H.A.M - Ghost Writer


H.A.M are a four piece band now based in the cultural cesspit of East London where they hold a residency at The George Tavern where they enthral adolescent girls into hysterics once confined to Barry Manilow concerts. Their indie-pop shuffle sound has landed them as our Unsigned Sunday track with Ghost Writer. 

The residency at the East London boozer has added a world of confidence to the young quartet who previously relied on a crowd of acquaintances to fill the venue but are now slowly pulling their own group of knicker wetting women. Having started to develop their own style they now look set to turn tongues wagging and industry heads turning with their pop-beat sensibilities and their dancefloor direction.

H.A.M consists of four members, three from the North of England and one from South London. They are Harry Wright on guitar and vocals, Tommy Florida on guitar, Nife Andrews on drums and George TD on bass. After a move down south they began honing their sound, developing their culture and slowly shaping their directive.

It’s a hard life for a new band in the big city, playing the toilet circuit whilst trying to catch the eye of a record company which will undoubtedly not live up to your ambition so it was refreshing to hear when we spoke to George that the record deal was the top priority.

“There’s nothing better than making music with your best mates so we aren’t worried too much. But … if we can make some dollar doing it, then by all means we are gonna fucking try.”

H.A.M released their new EP in August, imaginatively titled The EP and Ghost Writer is the stand out single, mixing a bouncing rhythm with indie riffs and a drawn and scowling vocal performance which gives an unbridled edge to the song. If H.A.M continue with this work they will surely be making their way into the collective conscious of the music industry. Fight on H.A.M.


Jack Whatley