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Cool off with GZGZ’s breezy collaboration with LT Wade & Elle Wade on ‘Over You’

GZGZ, LT Wade, Elle Wade - 'Over You'

With the mercury rocketing GZGZ, LT Wade, and Elle Wade welcome you to plunge into the tranquil pool of reminiscence with the breezy new single ‘Over You’. The track whisks up the same chill escapist thrill as the ice cream van jingle, but like a tonne of feathers, there is a weight to the bliss adding substance to the instrumental swirl. 

The seamless density of this otherwise floaty beat came from the fruits of time spent in development. The track began when GZGZ was on tour with Chet Faker’s band. Wrapped up in music on the road, GZGZ would while away the hours working on beats and loops. In time, something close to the luminous odyssey of ‘Over You’ was spawned, but not before delays allowed it to blossom further. 

When Covid-19 hit, GZGZ sent over the demo to LT Wade, who took out his highlighter and layered a topline melody and lyrics to the maelstrom of sound. He then enlisted the sweetly serene vocals of his sister and former FURS bandmate, Elle Wade. The trio then linked up when circumstance permitted and tessellated the textured moods and musical movements into one unified arrangement that could shake up the sangria for Lou Reed’s perfect day all on its own with the right speaker and setting. 

With lyrics that add bite to the beauteous sonic journey, it’s a song that floats like the proverbial butterfly and stings like the figurative bee. The love-lost barely seems all that lamentable amid the bliss that the music provides, like the catharsis of finally getting over the hill of a breakup, as Elle Wade purrs, “Thank you for the time.”

With musical elements akin to the summer accompaniment of Washed Out, the blue skies of ‘Over You’ are ones that you’ll often plodge into after the first hooky listen. GZGZ may currently be on the road with Mitsky, but hopefully, further tunes aren’t all that far away, because with heatwaves abound, we could all do with more of the cooling fan that this flowing musical journey provides with ethereal aplomb.

You can check out the single below. 

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