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The identity of Guns 'N' Roses 'November Rain' cake-jumper revealed

Guns N’ Roses were renowned for spectacle, as is evident from the music video for ‘November Rain’. Credited to all five members of the band, the composition is actually said to be Axl Rose’s alone, and the video focuses on the songwriter as he throws himself into a lifetime of wedding bliss.

His best man, Slash, leaves the altar to perform a rollicking guitar solo in a desert plane that is very different from the inclement weather that threatens to swamp the wedding-goers in floods of water. One man escapes the weather, however, by jumping into the cake on the table. 

The identity of the person in question remains a mystery as of the time of print. The “cake-jumper” was rumoured to be Headbanger’s Ball host Rikki Rachtman, but Rachtman has unequivocally denied this in public. 

“Axl wanted it to feel like a real wedding,” Rachtman recalled, “So all his friends were there. It’s why I was there. When I see the video now, it’s a lot of faces from the old scene. But the biggest misconception of the whole video is that I was the guy getting thrown through the cake. That wasn’t me. Everybody seems to think it was, but it wasn’t”.

Humorously, he suggested that the person was a wig-wearing Jimmy Kimmel in a follow-up tweet, but if there is any validity to this claim, no one has confirmed it. The video is also notable for Duff McKagan‘s waggish appearance as a wedding guest, who winds up serving as a go-between the rugged Slash and more effete Rose. 

In other Guns N’Roses related news, the band are purportedly working on new material. The band released ‘Absurd’ and ‘Hard Skool’ in 2021, tunes that stemmed back to the Chinese Democracy sessions. The lead guitarist has said that the band haven’t sat down in “earnest” to write an album, but are happy to keep releasing new songs until they feel they are ready enough to record an album’s worth of material. 

The band are due to return to the stages during the summer, where they are expected to perform such favourites as ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘Paradise City’ and ‘November Rain.’