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(Credit: Nicholas Agro / A.M.P.A.S.)


Guillermo del Toro does not want to develop a video game again

Guillermo del Toro has been the subject of much debate recently following the release of his latest project, Nightmare Alley. Starring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett, the new film is a neo-noir psychological thriller instead of a horror movie like many had anticipated. However, Nightmare Alley has failed to meet the expectations of fans as well as critics.

Based on the original novel by William Lindsay Gresham, the film features Cooper as a mind reader whose activities are being foiled by a psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett). Despite the negative reviews, del Toro has maintained that he personally enjoyed making Nightmare Alley because it was a personal project for him and found it to be beautiful.

Alongside the primary occupation of making films, del Toro has also worked in other mediums on some pretty significant projects. Out of those, his contributions to the world of video games stand out among the rest due to the immense popularity of the projects he had worked on and the pioneers he had collaborated with.

The filmmaker has expressed his love for video games on multiple occasions, claiming that they were “the comic books of our time” and lamented the fact that gaming was “a medium that gains no respect among the intelligentsia”. That is why he decided to work with one of the greatest game designers on the planet – Hideo Kojima.

While their first project P.T. was cancelled by the company, del Toro worked with Kojima again on his recent radical game Death Stranding. Sadly, the director has announced that he will not work on video games anymore. In an interview, he explained how difficult it was to process the cancellation of P.T. which shocked fans as well.

“It’s just one of those things in my life that makes no sense, I kind of just wanted to tickle the ribs of Konami, because I don’t understand,” del Toro said. “That was so perfect, what we were going to do was so enthralling.”

Check out the trailer for Nightmare Alley below.