\\GT// - Something's Wrong In My Mind


“Something’s Wrong In My Mind” bellows the Alabama three piece \\GT//  as they scream the title of their latest release across the most distorted and deranged guitars this side of a zombie Hendrix. Its sweat inducing sound got our pulses racing and so takes our Track of the Day slot.

Born in the deep South the trio have crafted and deeply disorientating sound which is at parts nose rock and at times decisively psychedelic. The intensity that resides within ‘Something’s Wrong In My Mind’ is a cerebral assault, it’s aggressive, antagonistic and rings out like a batch of controlled chaos. Imagine Leatherface with a guitar and you’ll be halfway there.

So confrontational is their sound we found ourselves bathed in sweat, pulse racing and fists clenched. We loved it.

Taken from forthcoming LP Beats Misplaced and out via Communicating Vessels we are a bit frightened of buying that one.

But fuck it, cathartics are the shit.