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(Credit: Mike Hipple)


Watch grunge supergroup 3rd Secret perform 'I Choose Me'


Did you know that members of Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam are members of a grunge supergroup called 3rd Secret? The band is comprised of Jillian Raye on vocals, Jennifer Johnson on vocals, Krist Novoselić on bass, Bubba Dupree and Kim Thayil on guitar, and Matt Cameron on drums.

The group just released their self-titled debut album on April 11th, which includes their new song, ‘I Chose Me’. The group also released an official live performance of the song to go along with the album.

The live video was recorded last month at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture. As for the band themselves, they’ve been self-described as “members of major Seattle bands converge, conjuring big riffs. Krist Novoselić and Jillian Raye get into Freak Folk and Pop Syrup. Nymphs sing with the coyotes. An Owl hoots and someone is walking up stairs.”

Speaking of the recording process, the band said: “Anything seemed possible and attitudes were positive. In late 2021, feeling like too much time had passed, or just plain impatient, Krist and Jillian proposed 3rd Secret — combining material recorded in Seattle and on the farm. And this is how we got to this record with Jillian and Krist on the cover.”

They continued, “Today we’re all making a splash as a ‘supergroup’. 3rd Secret is perhaps a prequel to another release from this super group of musicians. There will not be a 4th Secret, rather, a new name for another round of material from these players and singers. It is about music first and foremost.” They continued, speaking of their future plans, “The plan is to get together at the end of summer and finish another record. There are about half of an album of songs already existing which need to be recorded properly.”

If you want to listen to their live version of their song ‘I Chose Me’, you can check it out down below.