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Artwork by Grace Denton


Grubs - Windwaker

You may not have heard of Grubs yet, but you will have heard of some of their other projects. The band consist of members from Joanna Gruesome and other amazing bands like Caramel and Towel. Roxy Brennan, Owen Williams and Jake May and their new song ‘Windwaker’ show us why it’s important to stretch your legs and subsequently take our Track of the Day.

The band are used to being spread across the UK with other members of their other bands (it’s all quite gloriously incestuous) in Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff and Plymouth and this shows on their release ‘Windwaker’. It’s pop at it’s purest – short, sweet and with an indelible imprint of impatience.

The debut LP It Must Be Grubs will be out on Sept 11th (duh, duh, duuuuh) on Reeks of Effort and Tuff Enuff Records. It is crammed full of fast paced ditties designed to make your feet move quicker than your mouth can talk.

On such a grey day there is no reason to not hear this and brighten up your afternoon.