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Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste is starting a School Supplies Drive to help Teachers

Grizzly Bear’s lead singer Ed Droste, is an intellectual chap. Not least because of his songwriting and craftsmanship but because he knows the importance of education. It is because of this that Ed has started a School Supplies Drive to help Teachers provide a better education in their schools.

It’s an incredibly simple concept with a very important outcome. The Instagram campaign #10FeaturedTeachers will see Droste choosing ten teachers in the U.S at random, who need help purchasing classroom essentials. Each teacher’s Amazon wishlist is then posted into Droste’s insta bio for 24 hours at a time, inviting fans and followers to purchase the supplies.

“I have a good friend who is a teacher in LA and who recently explained to me how many many teachers have to buy their own supplies for their classrooms, which really says a lot about this country,” he said in a post. “I was very unaware of how desperate a majority of classrooms are for supplies, and that the burden fell on the teacher’s own pocketbook.”

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