Grizzly Bear give us the video for new track ‘Neighbors’


We are still reeling from the fact that Grizzly Bear are even back let alone the prolificacy they are giving us wondrous content to devour. Ahead of the release of their upcoming album Painted Ruins on August 18th they’ve given us new song ‘Neighbors’ and the accompanying video.

The song follows the release of previous efforts ‘Three Rings’, ‘Mourning Sound’ and ‘Four Cypresses’ and is equally as dreamy and deathly, with each Grizzly Bear track feeling like the k-hole I imagine them to have been conceived in. The new album feels like it could be their most transcendental yet.

It’s the sound of a band finding their sound, taking it to its highest peak and willingly dropping it off the edge and enjoying every tumble on the way down, exploring new depths and the rolling hills speeding them to their abyss.