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Grimes shares the video for the ascending 'California'


Claire Boucher (AKA Grimes) has always been a flirtatious sort. Flirting with genre, art and fashion making each feel special and each think of her as their own. Now Grimes has given them all something to smile about for her new video ‘California’.

The track itself is dangerously doused in pop, something her original fans may dislike, but it is still a genuinely good song. Full of uplifting notes and a somewhat tragic sentiments; if it is a pop song it’s a bloody good one.

The video matches this with a fun a frivolous core which all seem to point towards something slightly less candy and slightly more bitter. We see Boucher dress up as an all American country singer and other incredible outfits as she mixes fashions for fun.

The video is colourful and fun. The song equally so if not tinged with a hue of darkness and the fashion is all under Grimes control. It seems as though Grimes is managing to keep these three all still waiting at the door for her to finally choose a suitor.