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Credit: NBC/SNL


Grimes was hospitalised for a panic attack following Saturday Night Live appearance

Following Elon Musk and Grimes’ infamous appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, the Canadian singer made a “scary” trip to the hospital.

On Tuesday night, the pop star shared two photos on Instagram of her backstage with the show’s musical guest, Miley Cyrus. “Forgot to post these cuz I somehow caused myself to have a panic attack and went to the hospital yesterday which tbh was quite scary,” she wrote in the caption, adding: “And I suppose it’s a good time to start therapy.”

On a brighter note, she continued, “But nonetheless – wowwwww Miley Cyrus is good live and so chill! So grateful to the SNL team for being so kind and letting me sneak in as princess peach and so proud of my beautiful E (which I know will upset the grimes fans so I apologize in advance) but he killed it.”

Towards the end of the legendary comedy show, Grimes made a cameo as Princess Peach during a Nintendo-themed skit. Business tycoon and boyfriend Elon Musk played Wario, Super Mario’s nemesis in the franchise. During his opening monologue, the billionaire joked about the unusual name of the couple’s son, X Æ A-Xii, claiming that “it’s pronounced, ‘Cat-running-across-the-keyboard.'” Following what has become a weirdly iconic episode of the show, the couple attended a crypto-themed after-party at a hotel. This late-night soiree allegedly included “girls dressed as aliens walking around with trays of Dogecoin cookies and cupcakes” and “Dogecoin ice sculptures”.

This isn’t the first time Grimes has candidly discussed her battles with mental health and intense stage fright. In a 2012 interview, she explained: “After playing a show in front of 4,000 people, which is pretty much the worst thing I can possibly imagine, it totally broke down all my inhibitions. Before I made music I had really bad social anxiety disorders, I had panic attacks all the time. I was really not a happy person. Since I’ve started making music it’s the first time in my life that I’ve been a happy person.”

She added that playing live was incredibly difficult at her career’s inception. “The first year I couldn’t finish a show, I’d be crying after every show,” she said. “That was a big mental thing—every night this horrible looming thing of having to play this show. But there’s something so alive about that. I’m really living a real life.”

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