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Grimes files restraining order against a cape-wearing stalker

Grimes has filed for a restraining order against a trespasser who was found on her property.

The man, who has now been identified as Raymond Barraja, is said to have entered Grimes’ property via a hill overlooking the premises. The singer-songwriter – real name Claire Boucher – was not home at the time of the incident but it is claimed by TMZ that the man shouted loudly demanding to see Grimes. His reasoning for this, apparently, was so he could “take her for a ride”.

The police were contacted by Grimes’ brother. According to the report, the man has was found to be wearing a cape and contained three computer mice in his possession. He has now been taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric hold.

This is now the second time in recent years that Grimes has been the target of a stalker. In 2016, she stormed off stage during a gig because of a genuine fear for her safety, she said: “just a serious death threat and we didn’t catch the stalker before the show and I was suffering from health problems making it hard to eat which compounded exhaustion – just an unfortunate series of coincidences”.

“It was actually really intense FBI were involved,” she added.