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Grimes defends Elon Musk’s donations to Republican campaigns


Grimes has taken to social media in a bid to defend her boyfriend Elon Musk over donations made to Republican campaigns. 

On top of that Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, added that she tried to get Tesla employees to unionise. Grimes’ high-profile relationship with co-founder and CEO of the energy storage company has been hitting headlines since the pair publicly confirmed their situation in May. 

Musk, who has repeatedly posted controversial comments on social media, saw a fan question Grimes’ relationship on Twitter: “Elon donates to Republicans, people who deny climate change, a cause you and your boyfriend or whatever are supposed to care for so??? why are you still with him? why? you’re one of my favourite artists it is quite infuriating how blind or unwilling to see you are.”

Grimes then replied: “Every aerospace company has to donate to Republicans in order to function. in fact most major companies across the board do, in some capacity. It’s the price of doing business in America.”

On top of that, in a now deleted tweet, the musician also claimed she tried to investigate union:

“literally tried to instigate union vote so y’all wud lay off but UAW can’t get enough signatures cuz they abandoned fremont plant in the last crash. bc of this tesla doin third party polling to make sure employees r in a good space since majority don’t want union”

Grimes then responded to the media who reported her deleted tweets, claiming “there is no world in which I’m ok w republican donations.”