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Grimes teases 35-track "nightcore" album

Canadian pop legend Grimes has taken to her Twitter to reveal that she plans to release a 35-track “nightcore” album. Per her post to social media, the record has been a work in progress since 2015, but it will only be released after her upcoming album Book 1 is out. 

She wrote: “After my albums out I have like a 35-track nightcore album I’ve been making since 2015 that I think rly needs to come out. I don’t think it makes a ton of sense but it’s getting so absurdly long lol”.

Grimes also responded to a fan who suggested that she establish a server that would automatically add any new demo Grimes creates, giving fans a “constant drip”. She replied in no uncertain terms: “Let’s dooooo it”.

To start the countdown to the releases of Book 1, Grimes released ‘Player Of Games’ in December which was accompanied by a fantasy-inspired music video. Directed by Anton Tammi, the video saw Grimes take on a villain named ‘The Dark King’, and do battle using lightsaber-esque weapons. 

In what has been a busy few months for Grimes, she’s also teased that a collaboration with The Weeknd might be around the corner. “Hmmm surprises for yalls,” she said on Discord. When a user asked “Grimes an weeknd collab when”, she replied simply: “It’s called ‘Sci Fi’.”

Grimes has also flirted with the idea of changing her profession. “Celebrity culture is suffocating a f,” she tweeted in December. “I’m not quitting music but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1. Music industry feels old and tired, reliant on archaic systems.”

The scene is set for Book 1 to be one of Grimes‘ most significant releases to date, as it’s her first since leaving her long-term label, 4AD and signing with Columbia. Typically Grimes, no release date has been set. She’s claimed that it is “by far my greatest work that I’ve ever done,” she said, adding: “I actually just made the last song for it two nights ago.”

Listen to ‘Player Of Games’ below.