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(Credit: Griff / Press)


Griff drops new song 'One Foot In Front of the Other'

Griff - 'One Foot In Front of the Other'

London’s new queen of off-beat pop music, Griff has shared her latest song ‘One Foot In Front of the Other’, the title track to her upcoming mixtape.

There was major hype around Griff when she released ‘Black Hole’ and its various remixes earlier this year. Really, the hype train on her behalf has been chugging along for quite a while now. That can get a bit laborious, but Griff is definitely one of those artists that lives up to the hype.

Speaking on her new music, Griff explains that ‘One Foot In Front of the Other’ is based around “that feeling that you could fall at any second. I’ve also produced the majority of this mixtape – I heard a stat that 2% of music producers are women, and so it feels important that as a young female in the music industry I should empower myself and continue to properly do it. It was challenging, but I hope in doing so ‘One Foot In Front of the Other’ feels like a raw, emotional and unpolished body of work.”

Raw and emotional I can see, but unpolished is not the word I would use for ‘One Foot In Front of the Other’. Instead, I hear a slick, well-produced, ornately arranged piece of pure pop, one that highlights Griff’s ability to create crowd-pleasing tunes that still contain melodic touches and added effects that no other artist would think to use.

The brief flourishes of autotune and the unsettling chord change used on the chorus line “my lips they started shaking” are prime examples of Griff mixing experimental elements into her singular brand of music. Pop doesn’t have to be an aspirational and forward-thinking genre, but artists like Griff keep pulling it in that direction.

Check out the video for ‘One Foot In Front of The Other’ down below.

One Foot In Front Of The Other Tracklisting:

1. Black Hole
2. One Foot in Front of the Other
3. Shade of Yellow
4. Heart of Gold
5. Remembering My Dreams
6. Earl Grey
7. Walk