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Griff and Sigrid share brand new single ‘Head On Fire’

Griff and Sigrid - 'Head On Fire'

A meeting of two modern pop masters has come with a new collaboration between Griff and Sigrid on the single ‘Head On Fire’.

“Griff and I met sharing a pizza at the Rueben Selby show at Fashion Week in London,” Sigrid explains. “We went to the studio a while later and just had a day of talking about life, before writing ‘Head On Fire.’” If there’s any better way to kick off a collaboration than over pizza at Fashion Week, I have yet to hear it.

If there’s anything that both artists do incredibly well, it’s finding hooks that burrow their way into your brain. Pair that with some awesomely empowering lyrics, and it’s hard to find anything not to like about ‘Head On Fire’.

“It’s about that feeling when you meet someone who just flips everything upside down and you can’t focus on anything else but that person,” Sigrid adds. “[Griff’s] just lovely, and it’s been so much fun working with her.”

“I’ve looked up to Sigrid so much, especially as a young girl who broke through making powerful, credible pop music,” Griff adds. “So I was excited to hear she wanted to write. We hung out and made ‘Head On Fire’, this really fun, feel-good song, and I’m excited for the world to finally hear us on a track together.”

The only downside is that ‘Head On Fire’ is a bit light, not really taking on the transcendent qualities of either singer’s best works. But, c’mon, it’s Griff and Sigrid together. It doesn’t have to be ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for chrissakes. It’s just a really solid pop song, and I’m happy to let it rattle around my skull for a few hours, even if it might not hold a permeant place in my memory.

Check out the video for ‘Head On Fire’ down below.