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Greys give us a taste of LP ‘Outer Heaven’ with new track ‘No Star’


Toronto punks Greys have announced details of their forthcoming LP Outer Heaven with the release of the pulsating track ‘No Star’. Full of nose-bleeding vocals and a cut and thrust built to tear your ears a new lug hole, we have got some incredibly high hopes for the new LP.

It’s a complex track which looks to dissect the aftermath of the Paris Attacks in November of last year whereby Shehzaad Jiwani’s lyrics feel especially complicated.

Jiwani said of the track “On one side, you had people burning down mosques and acting violently towards anyone who looked remotely Muslim. On the other, you had people speaking on behalf of the victims and effectively telling them how they should feel about such atrocities. It’s a song about not knowing where you fit in as a person of colour who was raised in a predominantly white community, not identifying completely with either side. It’s about not having a voice, but moreover not knowing where or when or how to speak regardless. It’s about wanting someone to understand and relate to you, but most importantly, letting you speak for yourself.”

The LP is out on April 22nd via Carpark Records, but for now enjoy the intellectual thrash of ‘No Star’ below.