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(Credit: Green Day)

Green Day will celebrate 25 years of 'Dookie' at this weekend's American Music Awards


With Green Day’s iconic seminal record, Dookie reaching its milestone 25th anniversary this year, 2019 has been a bit of a celebration of the album. Green Day’s performance at this weekend’s American Music Awards will be no different.

It has been confirmed that the band will look to celebrate the anniversary at Sunday’s American Music Awards show where Green Day are scheduled to play two songs at the ceremony. It airs on Sunday, November 24th.

While one track will naturally be their newest release ‘Father Of All’, taken from the upcoming album of the same name, the band will also give an outing to their huge hit ‘Basketcase’.

They used their social media to say: “You already know where to be this Sunday”:

Recently, Green Day gave a small selection of special fans in Madrid a real treat as they performed their iconic album Dookie in full, front to back.

The hints were all there for everybody to see but fans were still thrilled to see Green Day take to the stage to perform the tracks from their seminal album, which was released 25 years ago.

The band were in town ahead of the MTV EMAs which take place this weekend and delighted fans by playing the album in full for the first time ever. There was also run-outs for ‘Chump’, ‘Pulling Teeth’, ‘Sassafras Roots’, ‘Emenius Sleepus’ and ‘In the End’ for the first time in many years.

The band even found time to give the bonus hidden track from the album, and Billie Eilish’s favourite song off the record, ‘All By Myself’ the first run out in over 6 years. It compiled an incredible night for those lucky few who were in attendance.

They returned to the stage to give another set full of the rest of their back catalogue, including their encore which included two tracks from their massive record American Idiot.