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(Credit: Sven-Sebastian)


Green Day captured in front of a 'Fuck Ted Cruz' banner

American punk outfit Green Day were recently spotted performing in front of a banner that read ‘Fuck Ted Cruz’. The band were determined to let their feelings known about the politician who has gone on to influence social politics all over America. The band are known for their fiery posturings in public. The onscreen banner was first found online when the message circulated after a concert in Berlin, showcasing the band’s ‘European Hella Mega Tour’.

Green Day songwriter and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong also posted a fan photo of the Cruz reference, which was bolstered by a love heart emoji. The stunt has been received well, with one Twitter user commenting that Green Day are aware of what a “dick” Cruz is. The comments have been typically charged with energy, causing some to defend the politician, and others to speak against him. Armstrong was also vocally critical of President Donald Trump.

“I think it’s inevitable that Trump has to leave, but he’s holding half of the country hostage,” the singer said. He then added: “In the States it’s been kind of crazy. We’ve had Covid and the election,” joking that there had not been a dull moment in the country for the best part of five years. Such is their determination in the work, the band feel it is their responsibility to speak out on the world at large.

The band were formed in 1987 by Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. The group found a permanent drummer in the form of Tré Cool, who has played percussion with the band ever since. Cool was born in Frankfurt, but grew up in America, much like his bandmates. The band have proven to be one of the more popular punk outfits, and The Clash guitarist Mick Jones said that Green Day were much more successful than his group. The band decided to embrace the mode of rock opera with American idiot, detailing the struggles of suburban America.

Armstrong tends to play lead guitar in the studios, although the band have a touring musician to help tackle the workload with the singer onstage. The band still pride themselves on being a punk trio.