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(Credit: Sven-Sebastian)


Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong discusses 'Hella Mega Tour'

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong recently opened up about the emotional impact of the first night of Hella Mega Tour, which he described as an overwhelming experience. After a two year hiatus, Armstrong has returned to playing live and has been touring the US with other bands such as Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

In an interview, Armstrong claimed that just stepping onto the stage and looking at the crowd was a powerful experience just because of the number of people that were in attendance. Speaking about the audience, Armstrong described the visuals by saying that “the crowd looked like this giant flock of birds freaking out.”

Adding, “Coming offstage, afterwards, no-one could believe what was happening with this shared experience for all of us. And it was like that every single night. People were just grateful to be alive, to be around people again. It was awesome. We wanted to make it a special tour back in 2019, but when it ended up [happening] it was an unbelievable experience”.

Armstrong revealed that preparing for the performance reminded him of his first stadium gig due to the enormous size of the venue. Recalling his feelings, he continued: “We sound-checked the day before and I was so overwhelmed by the size [of the place] – it was like the first time I ever played a stadium in my life…”

According to the icon, he wasn’t the only one who felt that way: “Everyone – the crew, every single person – was completely overwhelmed because no-one knew how this was going to go down. I was freaking out. Everyone was. We didn’t know what to think… the whole country had been through the fucking wringer. And here we are starting in fucking Texas.”

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