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Green Circles - Morning After Blues


You may not naturally put Mods and the fair foggy city of Newcastle together, however if you don’t ally these two forces of pill popping, party loving factions in your mind’s eye you’d be very fucking wrong.

One of the strongest neo-mod holds in the country, the Northern mecca for Fred Perry, straight-fringe-long-sideburned gaunt faces has yet again spewed another 60’s revivalist tune. ‘Morning After Blues’  the latest effort from Green Circles is altogether a little more measured than the usual guff and is our Unsigned Sunday selection.

It can be hard to peddle an essentially over-populised style and sound but Green Circles are doing just that and their doing it with a concerted and concise amount of style. Laced with thick guitar riffs and creamy melodic vocals Green Circles are proving that retro or not there is always room for a little Mod and of course a few jars.

‘Morning After Blues’ is at heart, exactly what it says on the tin, a tune dedicated to the aftermath of a night on the lash. The track is filled with archetypal tones and content that you may expect from any lad-rock band but it’s all delivered in perfectly measured morsels, neither piece is too heavy or too mellow but a precocious blend of intellectual musicanship and brainless fun – a perfect treat for Sunday.

Jack Whatley