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Great Ytene - The Playlist


London band Great Ytene have finally released their debut album Locus which hit the shelves earlier today.

Locus becomes the first major proof of the work Great Ytene have been putting in for the past two years, a rebuild, an emotional release and a sign of a direction the bad are heading.

A computer fuck up saw 2015 test the band to new measures, losing a year’s worth of recorded music left them at a fork in the road and with a decision to make.

Read all about Great Ytene’s album Locus here

To celebrate their release day, the band have put together a playlist juuuusssttttt for you:

Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band – Why

So I love both John Lenon/Plastic Ono Band and Yoko Ono/Plastic Band albums very much, but the funky, psych freakout stylings of this track that open’s Ono’s record is just the best.

Nisennenmondai – Mirrorball

The Queens of repetition! This song just build and builds and builds and builds and builds and builds and builds gloriously for 12 minutes. Imagine Steve Reich performing Music for 18 Musicians just after he watched Akira.

Shostakovich – 8th quartet, 2nd movement

Shout out to my boys at Gramex records – drinking tea, buying CDs and listen to Shostakovich.

Chrissy Zebby Tembo – Fisherman

Solid advice if you happen to be fishing when a storm comes.

Green On Red – Black Night

Lovely little track taken from their mini LP ‘Green on Red’ from 1982. They lasted another year with this groove before slipping from a cliffs edge into a world of beige country rock.

Toy Love – Bride of Frankenstein

Been on a bit of a Flying Nun jolly these past few weeks, so thought it only right I get Chris Knox involved and leave this here.

Hot Snakes – our work fills pews


Sheer Mag – Nobody’s Baby

Pure pumping glorious power pop!

Total Control – Flesh War

Wonderfully gloomy, its a walking in the rain staring at the floor number, you know, fun!

Iggy Pop – Tonight

Man, this track will being the house down where ever you go! Tops off!

King Curtis – A White Shade of Pale

This track will make any grown man weep! The live version kicks ass!