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Great Ytene are back and announce new album 'Locus'


London band Great Ytene have finally announced details of the new album Locus set to be announced early next year.

Locus becomes the first major proof of the work Great Ytene have been putting in for the past two years, a rebuild, an emotional release and a sign of a direction the bad are heading.

A computer fuck up saw 2015 test the band to new measures, losing a year’s worth of recorded music left them at a fork in the road and with a decision to make.

“Losing something you spent a lot of time, money and effort into is never a fun experience, but I feel we’re quite zen about it,” the band told Clash Magazine on reflection.

“I think we became quite precious with it and in a way working towards something and then losing everything was quite a liberating sensation,” they added.Having released early material through their own back label Marshall Teller, Great Ytene have again teamed up with longstanding confidant Iggy B to record the material.

“Iggy has always been at our side trying to cobble together our ideas and visions, he’s the man that has made everything possible,” they continued.

However Great Ytene took the new approach of teaming up with Hookworms’ very own MJ to mix the record: “Having MJ on board to mix the record really brought the tracks to life, we have always found mixing a tough part of the process but MJ really understood the aesthetic we wanted,” they said.

The combination of Iggy, MJ, twelve months of pent-up frustration and determination to release the new record has produced nine tracks of destructive, sagacious shoegaze displayed wholly in Far Out Magazine’s Track of the Day, ‘Locus’:

‘Locus’ will be released February 17th via Faux Discx and you can pre-order it HERE

1. Mono Aware
2. George Street
3. Cruel Desires
4. Locus
5. Wanness
6. Electric Pulses
7. Fixed Victim
8. Physical Warmth
9. Appetite