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Great News release shiny pop gem ‘Diamonds’

Hailing from Bergen, the band release their third single ‘Diamonds’ and with it an ethereal dreaming gem of a pop tune. Great News only started playing in March 2015 and based on this and their previous releases the band look like they could be set for far greater things.

Heavy on the jangle the band have sculpted a fine and delicate sound which tinkles between escapism and pure pop poetry. Having already opened for the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra it is unlikely that the good news is going to come to an end any time soon.

The choruses are big, the guitars delectable and the verses subdued in all the right ways. Broken by bursts of an effervescent, falsetto lead chorus this track should fit in to so many playlists we will be surpised if you never hear it again.

For now, take a listen below.