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Grass House - Learning to Less Feel

London-based indie rockers Grass House take Thursday’s Track of the Day slot with their triumphant return ‘Learning to Less Feel’.

The band – originally hailing from Yorkshire – have taken a bit of time out since their relentless touring schedule came to an end last year.

That was the tail end of the dates in support of the debut record A Sun Full and Drowing, which saw them showcase a penchant for big sounding alternative pop records.

This time around the output looks like it will be a little more laid back, with ‘Learning Less to Feel’ presenting a summery vibe inspired by jangly1960s-style guitars.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is a statement from the band: “We wanted to return to a more direct approach and make an up-close, immediate record so we’ve cut back on the big grand-scale characteristics from the first.

“The new album is something punchier and more personal, hopefully people will feel that.”

Patrick Davies