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(Credit: Grass House)


Grass House - And Now For The Wild


Far Out favourites Grass House have revealed their most recent single ‘And Now For The Wild’ which will be released June 24th via Marshall Teller Records. The track accompanied by video filmed by the band themselves is the follow-up to their last single ‘Spinning As We Turn’ and builds the anticipation for the long-awaited debut album that was recorded at the Monnow Valley Studios; hidden in the dense forests of Monmouth.

Grass House, now with an assured individual sound and keen following have progressed immensely since we first met the band fourteen months ago, as they fended off references to their influences as Liam (vocals) and Steven (guitar) quoted “I think any band starting out has these transparent influences and over time you can hopefully become unique, or at least make steps forward, I guess our ideal is to sound like Grass House.” Something they’ve certainly pulled off in what has been a massive 12 months for the London-based band.

Grass House have confirmed they will be playing Q Music’s East End Live 2013 festival next month which is definitely worth attending!