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(Credit: Gracey)


Gracey shares new single 'Got You Covered'


Gracey, the dance-pop diva who provided the hook to 220 Kid’s top 10 smash ‘Don’t Need Love’ last year, has returned with a fresh single of her own, ‘Got You Covered’.

‘Got You Covered’ is a collaboration with the atrociously named production team Billen Ted, who rode the blessedly brief sea shanty TikTok fad straight to a number one hit earlier this year when they teamed up with Scottish singer Nathan Evans on the remix to his inexplicable smash ‘Wellerman’. The song never even made it to the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S., but you lot took it all the way to the top of the U.K. singles chart. What do you have to say for yourselves?

That’s a lot of chart cache for a song like ‘Got You Covered’ to handle, which, at its peak, just sounds like Dua Lipa outtake. The hook is fairly mundane, the beat is a throwback to big beat ’90s in a bad way, and the lyrics are about as boilerplate as you can get. The best part about the song is that it’s under three minutes long.

“‘Got You Covered’ is a love song to my best mate,” Gracey explains. “It’s about being there for someone no matter what, and recently she’s been battling an eating disorder alongside going through a heartbreak. It’s about having someone’s back through the highest and lowest points of life, and it’s my way of telling her she is never alone. It’s a message I think needs to be said right now; while the pandemic has made it hard to physically be together, it’s proved the importance and value of these relationships even more.”

Well, don’t I feel like an asshole for shit-talking a song with a profound message. Actually, I don’t, but that says more about me than it does the song’s content. Don’t take my word for it, though: check out the audio for ‘Got You Covered’ down below.