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Grace Sings Sludge - Longshot

Grace Sings Sludge a.k.a Grace Cooper, one of three members that make up San Fransisco garage folk outfit The Sandwitches, takes the Far Out track of the Day slot this Saturday with another of her sublime solo jaunts ‘Longshot’, a  record I’m hoping we can all agree is of true melancholic beauty.

I say ‘another’ as ‘Longshot’ (February 2014) is in fact the third solo release by Cooper, building upon 2010’s ‘This Time It’s Personal’ and 2012’s ‘Last Year’s Friend’, two albums that in my opinion have fallen somewhat criminally under the radar, from UK perspective at least.

To avoid any unnecessary confusion ‘Longshot’ is the title of Cooper’s wonderful 7″ pressing that today’s selection is taken from, whilst it also plays host to another equally as touching and mesmerizingly minimalistic tune named simply ‘529’; the significance of the name of the song I know not, but It’s one I couldn’t recommend more highly, especially with the lazy summer evenings fast approaching.

What’s more is that Mrs Cooper defines artist in every sense of the word; not only dreaming up exquisite landscapes sonically, with lullaby guitar and voice aplenty, but also paints and draws pictures divine, including the artwork to her releases. Check all aspects to Grace Sings Sludge out, it’s worth it.

We often use the word ‘artist’ to describe all that appear within the pages our publication and rightfully so… today, we’ve hit the nail on the head.