Gothic Tropic shares new video for 'Your Soul'


As a member of Beck’s touring band, you’d expect a certain level of professionalism from Della Peruti, AKA Gothic Tropic, and she delivers in heaps. Her song from last year’s LP Fast or Feast has a brand new video so we’ve made ‘Your Soul’ our TRack of the Day.

A deeply luxurious and effecting indie-pop song, the video only works to fully compound the content’s sentiment. The song feels far beyond an early foray into music for the artist – and of course, it isn’t – but there is a sense of beginning and defining of one’s art that makes this track particularly shine.

Of the video, she says: “I’m a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic, so as I was putting this elaborate idea together knowing full well my budget and logistics, it was challenging to rely completely on Matisse and practical effects and circumstances to get the concept across.”

“Everyone who worked on the video are my friends and collaborators, and I’m so lucky to have found young Matisse and his family. This VIP alien-angel character needed to be reverent without pride or ego, which I think Matisse completely owned. This was my first set, and I’m excited to keep going writing and directing, it’s been a fixation for a while.”

Take a look at the brilliant video below.