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(Credit: Gorillaz)


Gorillaz discuss backstage excitement, hardcore S&M and reveal Murdoc's coma


Okay, we all know Gorillaz are a virtual band. We know it was created by Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett. We know they’re pushing their new album Humanz hard in the press. We know they’re hitting the road on tour with fictional characters 2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and Noodle…. but why do I feel like I’m building a relationship with these things?

I mean, the videos seem to be getting more insane, we’re heading into house parties with every new release and now the band are now conducting live Reddit interviews. 

If you have followed the band since their creation in 1998 you’ll know all to well about the hostility between members 2-D and Mr Mudoc Niccals… but how are things now? Well, one Reddit user attempted to find out.

Here’s some of the best things we discovered from the band’s AMA with 2-D:

Q – How’s your relationship with Murdoc these days? I’m surprised you’re getting along so well after the events of Plastic Beach.

2-D: “It’s pretty good actually these days. He used to beat me up and torture me loads, but since he got into hardcore S&M he’s been beating himself more. So I think we’ve turned a corner.”

Q – What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened backstage with the band that fans won’t know about?

2-D: “I was in my dressing room and I found this little spider on the ceiling. We became pretty good friends. But when I came back off stage he was gone. Henry, if you’re reading this, please get in touch.”

Q – Just how high CAN your pants go?

2-D: “It depends how much they’ve smoked.”

Q – What exactly does Grace Jones have against orange juice?!

2-D: “Nothing at all. She likes all colours of juice.”

Q – What happened when the rest of the band found out about Sleeping Powder? Did they like it?

2-D: “Russel and Noodle liked it. Murdoc doesn’t know yet. He’s been in a coma for a week. He got a bit too much sun in Margate. Probably shouldn’t have worn his mankini.”

Q – Describe your relationship with each one of your band mates using one word. Any word.

2-D: “Noodle: chilled Russel: respectful Murdoc: Help.”

Q – How did you pass the time while inside that whales stomach? I’m sure wifi isn’t very good in there.

2-D: “Thank you for your question. I had trouble finding a wifi signal. So at first I felt quite lonely. But I started to enjoy a bit of me-time in the end. Even wrote a few songs using the rib cage as a xilophone. Have I spelt xlyophone right? Xylofone. Hang on…

“Just looked it up in the dictionary. Xylophone. See ya.”

Q – “Have you every considered popping some fake eye contacts in? They might be a bit goggly but that ought to help your image with the kids what with not looking like a demon. 

2-D: “I like having black eyes because the colour black goes with everything, so it’s easy to match to outfits. If I had green eyes they would clash with my hair.”


2-D: “I’m scared.”


Well, there we have it.