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Gorillaz debut new track 'Hollywood' featuring Snoop Dogg


Gorillaz have been keeping themselves busy recently touring South America with their latest LP Humanz and while they stopped off in Santiago, Chile, they premiered a new track which suggests a new record is coming.

Further proof a new record is on it’s way comes from Jamie Hewlett’s appearance on the TASCHEN podcast at the end of last year, when he said this: “We’re working on another Gorilllaz album that we’re going to be releasing next year.”

He continued: “So we’re going straight into the album with no break. Usually we have a good five-year break between each album but we decided: ‘You know what? Let’s keep going’ because there’s ideas for a few more albums so we’re going to go straight into that. That’s will be all of next year and probably the year beyond that.”

The new track ‘Hollywood’ which they premiered in Chile also features a guest verse from long time Gorillaz collaborator Snoop Dogg. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think.

Damon Albarn who recently celebrated his 50th also not so subtly hinted that the new album will be out “very soon” telling the Chilean crowd: “If you go and tell anyone that we’re putting a new album out very soon then I’ll deny it because I didn’t say that, alright?”

Watch the video of the ‘Hollywood’ performance below.