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Credit: Press


Gorillaz announced as new faces of Fred Perry for 2021


Undoubtedly one of the most iconic shirts of all time, Fred Perry has found a brand new set of faces to model their landmark shirts, the animated heroes of modern pop, Gorillaz.

The band fit perfectly with Fred Perry’s ethos as they continue to be the foreword in British innovation while maintaining a strong core of traditional values. Over the last two decades, the band has become cultural icons and have continued to grow a fanbase far beyond the wildest dreams they conjured when first starting out as mere sketches.

The choice of Gorillaz as leading members of the 2021 campaign says that while Fred Perry remains the pinnacle of design, it also strives to push forward creatively. The campaign features Gorillaz lead vocalist and keyboard player 2D in the M3 One-Colour Fred Perry Shirt. Bass player Murdoc Niccals wears the M12 Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt; landmark guitarist Noodle wears the M12 and drummer Russel Hobbs dons the M12 in Maroon.

Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs said – “My first Fred Perry shirt wasn’t actually mine, it belonged to Arthur Ashe. Like a cross between Barack Obama and Denzel Washington…he was an artist… he had style, he had an afro, he wore a pair of tiny shorts – and, of course, the classic Fred Perry tennis shirt.

“He even made a record called ‘How To Play Tennis’, I have that record. I still can’t play tennis. Love that shirt tho, it’s my favourite thing. Forty-Love to y’all…”

With Gorillaz now asserting themselves as the face of Fred Perry for 2021, there’s a brand new set of icons to fall in love with. Existing in a virtual world felt so far away some years ago but now feels closer than ever.

At least we can be safe in the knowledge that no matter the Zoom call or Teams meeting, we can be equipped with our alternative uniform — our Fred Perry shirt.