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Google’s most searched travel destinations of 2018

When wondering what the next trip will be, most travellers first port of call for inspiration is Google. It is the best way to spark interest in the next journey. Giving the best insight about what people were wanting from their travel last year, the search engine has released its top trending searches in 2018.

Its results are based on terms that saw the highest spike compared to the previous year. Giving you the best insight into where people are heading for their travels, the results are very interesting indeed.

These are the top five searches that proved most popular with travellers last year.


The fifth biggest increase in searches in 2018, Ireland has a lot to offer to avid travellers who are looking to experience the birthplace of writers like Oscar Wilde, and, of course, to drink their body weight in Guinness.

From the history and quirky, traditional bars of Dublin to the untamed countryside of the western coast, Ireland has many vices that entice travellers back to this island treasure.


The first in this list of sun-seeking getaways the Bahamas fits the bill for all year sunshine.

As well as the sun, the Bahamas has 700 islands with activities ranging from diving, adventure sports and swimming as well as spectacular lush emerald green tree views and crystal clears waters.

Is there anything more iconic in terms of beach escape?


Always a popular choice, Iceland has managed to outdo its previous year’s searches and come out as the third most searched destination of 2018.

The pull of the northern lights and the larger than life scenery seems to keep up its appeal for those seeking world-class scenery.

Get your swimming costume and dive straight into those hot springs.


Known to many as the world’s cultural hub, it’s no surprise that Paris is as popular as ever.

This city of romance is spell-binding and exudes class and sophistication. The picturesque neighbourhoods with the vintage architecture and of course some of the most memorable sights and museums, Paris is second in Google’s most searched destinations of 2018.


Similar to France, Italy has food, culture and most importantly wine making it a classic holiday spot.

The country is encouraging visitors to head more into its small towns and countryside than the famous cities that draw the usual crowds each year. It is unsurprising that Italy has topped Google’s most searched destinations in 2018.